Wiring Harness

This kit will require splicing into the Ranger wiring harness near the brake light switch and cutting 2 brake light wires at the rear, and connecting them to the Dux harness. Remove the hood, the top of the dash, and the tunnel cover. There is a 2� opening in the firewall near the center, thread the Dux harness through it. Everything on the flasher side of the red tape goes behind the firewall, the rest goes in front. The green and white wires go to the right front, the yellow and white wires go to the left front. The long part of the Dux harness with the orange, white, black and grey wires follows the factory harness to the rear.

Mounting the Horn, Turn Switch & Indicator Light

The horn can be mounted using the pan head screw that secures the right side of the overflow bottle. The indicator light can go on the dash. Drill a �� hole for it with a wood boring bit or hole saw, install the grommet and push the clear/blue light into place. Connect it to the Dux harness matching the wire colors. Mount the turn switch to the dash just to the left of the steering column. The black mounting bracket needs to be removed from the turn switch and replaced with the aluminum mounting plate in order to mount the switch to the dash. Connect the 8-pin plug to the Dux harness. Connect the orange and white wires to the horn.

Harness Connections

The Dux harness will connect to the Ranger harness in three places. The orange wire coming from the brake light switch will connect to the grey/black Dux wire. You can strip 1/8� from the orange wire and solder the grey/black wire to it or use the red t-tap and push-on terminal. At the rear, CUT the orange wires coming from each tail light just behind the T in the Ranger harness. Connect the black Dux wire to the orange wire going to the right tail light and the grey Dux wire to the orange wire going to the left tail light. The leftover part of the orange wires going to the Polaris wire harness will no longer be used and should be taped over. The orange and white wires going to the rear are for a license plate light if needed. If they are not used, tape over the ends so they will not touch each other.

Mounting the Front Lights

To mount the front turn lights, you will need to drill �� holes in the body. After drilling the holes, install the grommets, then push the lights into the grommets. Note the word �top� on the light lens. Connect the wires, white to white and black to either green or yellow.

Final Connections

The power will come from the terminal block under the hood. The orange wire with the ring terminal will go to + and the white wire with the ring terminal will go to ground. The flasher and turn switch are not waterproof so protect them from getting wet. When washing the Ranger, you can slip a bag or rubber glove over the turn switch. Gather any excess wire loom under the hood and secure it as needed with tape or zip ties. Secure the wire loom going to the rear so it will not touch any moving drive line parts, hot engine, or exhaust parts.