Finished UTV

Finished UTV

Finished UTV

Wiring Harness

Thread the wiring harness through the chassis starting from behind the radiator. It will be much easier if you remove the tunnel cover and the dash cover. When you get to the engine, follow the factory harness to the left side of the engine. The front part of the harness splits left and right. A portion also follows the factory harness through the firewall above the brake master cylinder into the area behind the dash.

Mounting the Horn, Horn Button, and Column Switch

A good place for the horn is under the hood, but it can go anywhere that the wire will reach. The horn button can be mounted on the dash; drill a 15/32 hole for it. The column switch is a tight fit just below the steering wheel. If mounted as shown on the photo, it will clear the steering wheel.

Connect the wires

The column switch has 4 wires.
�The blue wire goes to the blue wire on the flasher.
�The green one goes to the yellow wire on the harness.
�The yellow one goes to the red wire on the harness.
�The red one goes to the green wire on the harness.

The black flasher wire goes to the white ground. The flasher should be kept dry. You may want to zip tie a plastic bag over it.

The orange and white wires go to the horn.

The 2 white wires go to the horn button. The column switch has to be grounded for the indicator light to work. You may scrape some paint off the steering column or use the white ground wire. If using the ground wire, run it up the steering column and put it under the hose clamp before tightening it.

Mounting the Turn Lights

To mount the Maxxima mini LED lights you will need to drill a 3/4" hole in the body for each light. A sharp wood boring bit or a hole saw will work. On the front of the Ranger, there is a vertical surface in front of and just below the headlights that works well. On the rear, remove the tail lights and drill just above them. After drilling the holes, install the black grommets into the holes, thread the wires through the grommet, then push the light into the grommet.

Note: the word �top� on the light lens. The black wire on the light will connect to either the green or yellow wire on the wiring harness and the white wire on the light will connect to the white wire on the wiring harness. The orange and white wires on the wiring harness are for a license plate light where needed. If they are not used, tape over the ends.

Final Connections

The power will come from the 3 lug terminal block under the hood on the right side. The orange wire (12 volt+) goes on the lug that already has a wire on it. The white ground wire goes under one of the machine screws at either end of the terminal block. With the key on, test the horn and lights.