Wiring Harness

Thread the wiring harness through the chassis starting from under the dash. There is an opening in the firewall that the factory wiring runs through. The front half will do down the left side, then across the front of the radiator to the right front corner. Removing the hood will make it easier. The rear half will follow the factory harness. It will be much easier if you loosen or remove the skid plate.

Mounting the Horn,Turn Switch, Horn Button and Indicator Light

A good place for the horn is above the LF tire between the headlight housing and the radiator. Mount it horizontally with the spade terminals facing up.
The horn button will go on the flat area to the right of the steering column. Drill a 15/32" hole to mount it.
Attach the turn signal switch to the steering column. The switch must be grounded, so a ground wire is provided with a #8 ring that can be slipped under the strap or under the screw that tightens the strap.

Connect the switches, flasher and horn

Connect the red and white wires to the horn. Connect the two white wires to the horn button. The orange and brown wires MUST go to the + side of the flasher, the red wire goes to the L (load) side.

On the turn switch, the blue wire goes to the "P" spade on the flasher. The yellow wire goes to the red wire on the harness, the green wire goes to the yellow wire, the the red wire goes to the green wire.

Note: The harness maker and the switch maker use different color codes.

Mounting the Turn Lights

To mount the Maxxima mini LED lights you will need to drill a 3/4" hole in the body for each light. A sharp wood boring bit or a hole saw will work. The location may vary depending on if you have bumpers. After selecting the location and drilling the hole, install the black grommet into the hole, thread the wires through the grommet, then push the light into the grommet.

Note: the word "top" on the light lens. The black wire on the light will connect to either the green or yellow wire on the wiring harness and the white wire on the light will connect to the white wire on the wiring harness. The brown wire on the wiring harness is for a license plate light where needed. If it is not used, tape over the end.

Final Connections

The power will come from the back side of the accessory socket. Unplug both wires and connect them to the harness matching orange to orange and brown to white. Now connect the harness wires to the accessory socket: orange to the center and white to the outside. With the key on, test the horn and lights.

Note: Always carry a spare 3-amp fuse.

Finished UTV
Finished UTV
Finished UTV